Download Renamer for free and you'll be able to rename thousands of files according to the rules you establish. Renamer can organize all your hard drive

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With the amount of files that can fit on the hard drive of any modern day computer, we have the terrible habit of not deleting anything. As a result of the latter, we have thousands of photos, or hundreds of files that there comes a time when we need to organize them. Thus, if we have thousands of files, and we need to change the name to a group of them, we will need an application like Renamer.

  Renaming many files using uppercase letters, correlative numbers, adding or modifying only some words can be a real ordeal. To do so, Renamer will allow us to make sure that we choose the name that we want properly and after that when we signal the files that we want to change, it will due so in a matter of seconds.

  As an incredible complement, Renamer allows you to preview the result of the operation, thus allowing us to check that the change is going to accomplish its purpose.

  Furthermore, Renamer allows you to store the configuration that we have used for the name, in case we need it at a later moment in time, thus allowing us always to rename the files with the same pattern without making mistakes.
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3 months ago
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