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Renato Garcia: Hero Survival is an action and third-person shooter game where the YouTuber from Brazil will fight against endless hordes of monsters

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There are plenty of YouTubers who have become big media stars thanks to the support of their fans and many of them have entered the world of videogames as protagonists. One of them is Renato Garcia, considered to be one of the best YouTubers from Brazil, to whom Renato Garcia: Hero Survival is dedicated.

Wipe out the monsters in this action and shooter game

This is a third-person shooter where players have to control the famous South American YouTuber in an adventure that will take him to different settings in order to fight against all kinds of monsters. The gameplay is fairly simple, but it will gradually get more difficult with more demanding levels.

It is all about beating back the never-ending waves of monsters that are going to attack our hero. To do so, you will have to move him in order to dodge shots and attacks while at the same time firing at his enemies. They will try to get to him, so it can get a bit tricky to move and fire at the same time. Fortunately, he will be able to use different items in order to hide and protect himself whenever necessary.

These are the main features and functions offered in the game:

  • Endless waves of enemies to fight against.
  • Wide variety of monsters.
  • Compete against other players to head the leaderboard.
  • Customize the game's characters.
  • The chance to get daily gifts.
Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
NX Multiservicos
This month
99.5 MB

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