Resident Evil 5

Benchmark 1.0

Test the capacity of your computer to see if it can run Resident Evil 5. Download Resident Evil 5 Benchmark and find out if it can work properly on your PC

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One of the problems that the latest games have is that they require a lot of resources. There isn't a single computer that can make a game work with all its effects activated to the maximum extent when it's first launched on the market, and if it can, it is a computer that the majority of people wouldn't be able to afford. That is why many companies have started to launch applications like Resident Evil 5 Benchmark, that will let you check if you'll be able to play Resident Evil 5 on your computer.

  Resident Evil 5 places you in the role of Chris Redfield, character that had the main role in earlier instalments of the saga, and that is now in Africa, where a new biological agent is transforming the population into disturbing creatures. Logically, this survival horror game is full to the brim with zombies and other horrible creatures, and your mission it to eliminate them and manage to get our alive.

  This is the first title in the Resident Evil saga that will allow collaborative gameplay, allowing two players to play at the same time.

  The game's graphics are really incredible, that is why this benchmark will come in very handy for those players that aren't very sure if their computer will be able to run the game, so why don't you try it before you go out to buy Resident Evil 5.
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