Resident Evil 6 Benchmark

Download Resident Evil 6 Benchmark for free and try out the performance of this game. Test the behaviour of your video card with Resident Evil 6 Benchmark

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Amongst terror games, Resident Evil holds a special position. It has been more than 15 years since Capcom published the first part with the nuclear accident of Raccoon City. Now you have to continue your adventure in Resident Evil 6, the performance of which you can try out with Resident Evil 6 Benchmark.

Holidays in Raccoon City

Resident Evil 6 is a survival horror game that combines several different plots. You will control several characters, some of which you already know and others that are new, all involved in the fight against zombies:

  • Leon Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Sherry Birkin, Ada Wong and Ingrid Hunnigan: five characters return from previous instalments.
  • Jake Muller, Piers Nivans and Helena Harper: three new characters. Complete the game to discover their hidden stories.

Test your PC

Do you want to know if your computer is ready to execute Resident Evil 6? With Resident Evil 6 Benchmark you can try out the performance of your PC, and specially your video card. Two different scenes and many graphics configuration options are included.

Capcom and Nvidia have combined their efforts to offer you this graphics testing tool with real and demanding images. In the end your PC will obtain a score and a message that will tell you if the game will be executed correctly, averagely or incorrectly.

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