Resident Evil 6


Resident Evil 6 offers us four interweaved stories, a new way of developing the action on different scenarios at the same time and a totally new gameplay

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The sixth installment of Resident Evil arrived in 2013. Its main characters, Ada Wong and Chris Redfield, who we've met in previous versions, are back to face a new threat: the dangerous virus-C. The story will take us to different places such as Eastern Europe, North America or China trying to stop the propagation of this epidemy.

Innovating gameplay for this action-packed title

The game comes along with four different interweaved stories with a different couple featuring in each one of them. It offers us different styles and points of view, as well as introducing crossover gameplay that allows players to join the adventure through its online mode.

Resident Evil 6 comes along with better graphics and more action than Resident Evil 5, as well as offering us the following features:

  • The game's action doesn't take place in a specific place as it is carried out in different locations around the world.
  • The game's crossover mechanics interweaves the stories and action mainly thanks to the online mode.
  • Possibility to play solo or collaboratively.
  • New enemies and threats.
  • Upgrade your character as you wish with skill points.
  • Redesigned control system.
  • Compatible with the updates to the PlayStation and Xbox versions.
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