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Umbrella Chronicles Screensaver

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Screensaver is a screensaver with images from the latest version of the popular video game. Download Resident Evil free

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Resident Evil is probably one of the most played action/horror game sagas worldwide, and in one of its latest installments, "Umbrella Chronicles" to be exact (a title that was exclusive to the Nintendo Wii), it finally closed the story of one of the most blood-chilling video games of all time.

A Resident Evil-themed screensaver

We'll have the chance to go back to Racoon City or visit the hair-raising Spencer mansion, places where lots of important events for the game plot have taken place during earlier instalments of the saga.

Now we'll have the opportunity to enjoy the most spectacular shots of this great title on our PC, thanks to a screensaver that will surely make more than one of you jump off your seat, due to the harshness of the images.

Enjoy the most sinister and gloomy horror scenes on your PC or give whoever uses your computer a fright, thanks to Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles Screensaver, a really outstanding screensaver.

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Antony Peel
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