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Jessie needs our help in Restaurant Renovation, a puzzle app game for Android devices where we have to restore an old restaurant to its former glory

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Can you imagine that after a lot of effort, you manage to open the restaurant of your dreams, but everything suddenly falls down? This is how this game from the Zygamehk studio begins, an endearing adventure where we will have to give Jessie and her uncle, Bobby, a hand to renovate a dilapidated restaurant and decorate it with beautiful furniture and accessories.

Interior decorator and chef

Are you ready to solve lots of puzzles, help a family in trouble, and bring out your skills as an interior decorator? Well, those are just some of the tasks we will have to perform in Restaurant Renovation, an entertaining puzzle game with an exquisite design.

Can you help Jessie and Bobby run the restaurant and make it one of the best businesses in the world?

As in other similar games, the game mechanics consists of fulfilling the missions that are proposed to us to reform the restaurant of Bobby. To do this, we have to solve match-3 puzzles where we must combine at least three equal elements.

During each level, we will have to collect a certain number of pieces (which most of the time will be tasty food) before we run out of moves. However, we will have enhancers to help us with the most difficult screens.

Every time we complete a level, we get a star, which we can use to improve the restaurant. Changing the chairs, fixing the floor, decorating the worktop, and more. There is a lot to do, so we will never get bored. We can choose each element to our liking from three alternatives. Moreover, little by little, we will discover a beautiful story starring charming characters.

This game may not bring anything new to the genre, but it is fun and the plot is pretty cool. Also, it is an ideal option to relax, thanks to the simple mechanics of the puzzles and a great soundtrack. If you like match-3s with a story, this one is a great option.

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