Returnil System Safe

2011 3.2 Returnil System Safe is a program that protects your PC from virus by using virtualization. Download Returnil System Safe and browser securely on your PC
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Returnil System Safe is an interesting antivirus program that takes care of your computer's security. This application is developed so that browsing the Internet or downloading programs doesn't end up being tedious because of the antivirus. To accomplish this, it uses three techniques: antivirus, system restoration and creation of a virtual system.

Protect yourself against viruses whilst you browse the Internet

The most noteworthy feature of Returnil System Safe is its virtualization system. The program creates a backup of the operating system, creating a virtual environment, and instead of loading the original operating system, it loads the virtual one. Thanks to the latter, although you browse dangerous sites and download malicious software, the real system won't be affected at all. To deactivate the virtualization, you will only have to restart the computer.

Browse without worries thanks to this software.

Returnil System Safe also has a system restore function, which allows you to both monitor the changes that occur in the system files and restore the system to a previous state if it has been damaged.

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