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Join a witch who has lost her memories in Revived Witch, an entertaining and beautiful adventure RPG where players explore a tower with mystical power

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A mysterious tower has appeared in the middle of a dark forest. Legend has it the tower conceals a mystical power. Many have entered its depths to take possession of it, but no one has managed to come out alive.

In a dark forest on this continent reappears a tower imbued with a strong magic. Legend has it that the tower hides a mystical power.

Now, a young witch has been awakened. She remembers nothing, but she knows she must explore the tower to fulfil her destiny and recover her lost memories.

Delve into the depths of a magical tower with a witch who has lost her memory

Revived Witch is a beautiful RPG that recaptures the essence of classic games in an adventure with 2D pixel art graphics combined with beautiful 3D lighting effects. And it's not only graphically stunning, tha game itself is an absolute marvel.

The controls are quite straightforward. In exploration mode, you move the witch with the virtual joystick and use your right thumb to interact with environmental elements to solve puzzles and collect items.

On the other hand, in combat (which is real-time) you only have to click on the special ability squares of your witch and her "dolls". The dolls are souls with powers that can be recruited and collected through the classic gacha system. And, of course, they are all young, beautiful girls in skimpy clothes and knockout curves. Throughout the adventure, you will bond with them to improve your connection.

High resolution pixel art and exquisite lighting effects.

Download the APK file for an exquisite RPG with a delightful retro feel, outstanding voice acting, and a beautiful soundtrack that comes with the guarantee of a studio like Yostar, who previously offered the magnificent Arknights. This is a safe bet that will appeal to old-school gamers and fans of cute games especially. An A grade RPG without a doubt.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
  • Offers in-app purchases.
Susana Arjona
Susana Arjona
Yostar Limited.
3 months ago
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