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RipIt is a simple tool to rip video DVDs. If you want to transfer a film from one of your optical discs to your Mac, all you have to do is download RipIt

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RipIt is one of the most simple applications to use when it comes to copying the contents of any film in DVD format to the hard drive of our computer because all we will have to do is insert the disc, wait for the program to recognize it and press the only button that this tool has.

The simplest tool to transfer your DVDs to the hard drive of your Mac

For many users, the fact that you can't select the chapters, eliminate languages, keep certain subtitles tracks or get rid of the menus will be a problem, but to perform all these kinds of tasks we'll need a more complex tool.

One of the most noteworthy features is that it can be used together with HandBrake and thus compress the video extracted from the DVDs to M4V format. It has a list of presets prepared to adapt the files to devices like the PS3 or the mobile gadgets by Apple (iPod, iPhone, and iPad).

The program has been developed so that, once the contents have been ripped from the disc, we can burn the extracted files on to another optical disc, thus making it easier to create backups of our video DVDs.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version only allows you to rip 10 discs.
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