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Rise of Empires is a strategy game with touches of Game of Thrones in which we will have to manage our own kingdom and extend the lands of our territories

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The developers of the Long Tech Network Limited studio have created an epic strategy game set in medieval times that will undoubtedly please all fans of the genre. This is a very cool MMO, although its creators have not even bothered to hide the references to Game of Thrones, which is clearly one of its main inspirations.

Raise your empire and burn your enemies

In Rise of Empires we will become a monarch with an annoying counselor, Isabella. In spite of everything, with your help we will begin to build our kingdom based on buildings to get villagers and resources. As usual in this game titles, we can build mines, taverns and farms, among other facilities, and improve them by raising their level.

Build your empire once again from ruins, train your troops, rule dragons, recruit legendary heroes and join your allies in an endless war.

In addition, we must also recruit a lot of heroes and a powerful army to conquer the world while we face the hordes of evil that pretend to ravage our kingdom. Our enemies are undead who, oddly enough, resemble the White Walkers of Westeros, the medieval zombies. However, our troops will not be alone when we fight against these monsters, we will also have the help of powerful dragons.

Being a massive multiplayer online video game, we can establish alliances with other players or face them in real time in PvP fighting. In this way, this title gives us hours and hours of fun. Also, the three-dimensional graphics are very cool, and the drawings are amazing, setting up an exquisite graphic design with a high level of detail.

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María Eugenia Morón
María Eugenia Morón
Long Tech Network Limited
This year
This year
374.5 MB

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