Rise of Flight

Rise of Flight is an aerial combat game with biplanes with incredible graphics. Enjoy one of the best aerial combat simulators by downloading Rise of Flight

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Flight simulation games have recreated the flight of all kinds of planes over the years, especially combat planes, but none of them had been able up until now to recreate World War I biplanes in the same way that Rise of Flight does.

Realistic simulation and high quality graphics

Rise of Flight is a realistic simulation game, with beautiful high quality graphics that try to recreate everything with the maximum fidelity, specially when you refer to the planes. Among the planes available you will be able to find some of the most famous biplanes, like: SPAD 13.C1, Fokker D.VII, S.E.5a or Albatros D.Va.

Beautiful World War I planes.

Regarding the game, it has to be said that Rise of Flight offers a very good tutorial divided into several parts with which you will be able to learn how to fly, and once you have finished it, it will offer you the possibility to start a pilot career, with the chance to choose if you want to be German, French, British or American, having to complete a series of different missions during the career.

Multiplayer game and extra contents

Rise of Flight also offers you the possibility to play against other players online in matches that will face multiple players in combats in which you'll have to complete a series of objectives to be able to win.

As well as the planes available in the game's original download, Rise of Flight also allows you to expand the game by purchasing extra contents.

Therefore, if you want to enjoy one of the best flight simulators of all times, download and install Rise of Flight for free. Can you be as good a pilot as the Red Baron?

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