Rising Eagle


Pick up your gun, be brave and play Rising Eagle, an online shooter in which you control a soldier and guide him in battle. Download Rising Eagle for free

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If there is a video game genre that is really successful at the moment, that has to be the shooters, and if we add online playing we be able to find great games, Rising Eagle is a very good example of the latter.

  This game has an aspect that is very similar to the renowned Modern Warfare games, because it is set in a near future in which the equipment that any soldier caries is extremely destructive. Rising Eagle is an online shooter that is really playable and entertaining.

  One of the main incentives of the application is that it supports up to 32 players online (whether by LAN or on the Internet). Before each battle, each player will have to choose both the faction he will defend as well as the kind of soldier that he wants to be. Being able to choose from a sniper to an engineer. But no matter which kind of soldier you are, they all carry extremely destructive weapons, that almost transform them into tanks.

  The urban combats that take place in Rising Eagle are very fast-paced, and if you die the respawn is also very quick, making it a really incredible experience.

  The graphic quality of Rising Eagle has nothing to envy of games like the abovementioned Modern Warfare or similar titles, because it is a totally 3D game with very detailed scenarios, that are very well built and with extremely realistic characters and weapons.
Requirements and additional information:
It's necessary to have a ZIP compatible compressor to launch the file.
Invasion Interactive
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1.3 GB

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