Rlab is a specific tool to create mathematical applications. Download Rlab free today and enjoy a scientific programming environment perfect for you

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Rlab is a high level programing language based on C that has been designed to make it easier to create maths applications. It is an interactive and interpreted scientific programing environment.

  Rlab is not a clone of MATLAB. It bases itself on matrix maths, and the concepts and the operators are very similar but Rlab uses a totally different syntax that make it more powerful and efficient, and reduces the ambiguities between both applications.

  It is important to take into account that this program is handled by means of the command line console. So it isn't apt for “windows” addicts. If you are used to this work method, you will soon realize this programs power.

  Even though its development finished in 2001, Rlab still has versions for Windows and Linux, and we will be able to obtain the source code under the GPL license, so if you want to develop scientific applications download this software.
Ian Searle
Over a year ago
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