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Roc Music Creator is a sequencer accessible over the web which offers a large amount of sounds to create your own songs. Become an online music producer

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Roc Music Creator is a web application with which you'll be able to create your own music without any need to use software. Roc Music Creator will offer you options for online sequencing to compose your own songs, offering you a large amount of sounds.


  • Online sequencer to create your songs.
  • Use a large amount of sounds, ranging from percussion elements to pianos and guitars. More than 50 instruments ready to be used.
  • Import your own sounds in the application.
  • Two visualization modes: Beats and Velocity.
  • Modify tempo and rhythm for your song as well as the values of each sound: volume, panning, etc.
  • Save your creations and share them with the rest of users. Collaborate with them in the creation of new rhythms.

Creating music with the Internet

Generating all kinds of rhythmic patterns and loops with Roc Music Creator is within the reach of whoever wants. Once you have them, you'll be able to download them in MP3 format to listen to them on your PC and use them against whoever you want, for example for ringtones.

Have a look at the Aviary website to use Roc Music Creator: you won't be able to stop until you have the next big single.

Requirements and additional information:
  • To store projects it's necessary to create a user account.
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