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Space is waiting for us in Roid Rage, a beautiful arcade game for all ages where we will drive a little ship around the galaxy while collecting Juice

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The guys at the independent studio Butterscotch Shenanigans have created a journey through space in a beautiful arcade style. After downloading the APK file, we will have to fly a ship among the stars while we pass between asteroids and collect beautiful Juice.

A small ship in the infinity of the galaxy

Roid Rage is a beautiful 2D game in which we control an intrepid astronaut on his journey through the stars. Our goal is to collect as much Juice as we can before hitting an asteroid.

To drive our ship we have some very simple controls, but they are difficult to master. By pressing your finger on the left side of the screen, our ship will turn to the left, and the same on the right side.

Pick up the valuable Juice as you try to stay alive in an infinite asteroid field of increasing density.

In the free version of the game we will only have at our disposal a pilot and a ship without powers. But if we move to the paid version for a modest price we will be able to fly ships that will allow us to shoot and destroy the asteroids.

One of the best aspects of this game is its functionality. Its 2D graphics are great, while its retro-style soundtrack is a great accompaniment to this journey to the stars.

Requirements and additional information:
Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
Butterscotch Shenanigans
This year
63.9 MB

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