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Rootless Launcher for Android redistributes system elements and offers us new icon packs and wallpapers with a graphical style similar to Pixel Launcher

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Amongst the many advantages of using Android, we have to point out its different customization options as it offers us plenty of flexibility when it comes to adjusting different aspects of the operating system to our way of using our device. Unlike iOS, for instance, which is much more rigid in compliance with Apple's philosophy regarding the image of its products.

More wallpapers and a new design for our icons

To customize our Android, we can resort to the so-called application launchers that allow us to carry out adjustments to the environment with much more freedom. One of those tools is this Rootless Launcher which only requires us to install its APK to offer us plenty of features that intend to bring the graphical aspect of Pixel Launcher to any device:

  • Google's search bar is taken to the lower part of the screen.
  • Offers us a wide range of wallpapers.
  • Comes along with different icon packs, including adaptive designs and Google's own icons.
  • On Android 8.0 we can choose the shape of the icon.
  • Traffic and weather information alerts can be seen in a simple glance.
  • The Google Now feed is now on the left-hand side.

All in all, yet another launcher that you can use to customize your Android although it still seems to be far behind Nova Launcher and other apps in this category.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
Amir Zaidi
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