RuneScape Online

Play RuneScape, one of the most important online role-playing games in gaming history, straight inside your browser without having to download anything

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If you're into massive multiplayer online role-playing games, like World of Warcraft or The Elder Scrolls, you'll also enjoy RuneScape, a classic in this genre that you can now play straight on your browser without installing anything whatsoever.

For those of you who don't know it, RuneScape is one of the longest lasting and successful MMORPGs in history. Launched back in 2001 by Jagex, this title takes gamers to an open world where they'll be able to craft, trade or kill monsters freely, without following any kind of linear story, being able to play collaboratively or in player vs player mode.

Over 200 million accounts created and Guinness Record for being the largest free MMORPG.

Discover the world of Gielinor

In this game, the player travels to the fantastic world of Gielinor, where he'll move around its many kingdoms and cities on foot our using advanced teleportation techniques. In each region he'll come across different challenges to overcome and monsters to kill.

With this web version, you'll only have to register, create an avatar to start playing, and choose which kind of character you're going to be and what skills you think you should improve before embarking on an exciting adventure. Will you become a great warrior or a skilful carpenter?

Main features

  • Large open world full of scenarios that are continuously growing.
  • Up to 26 skills to be improved: from fishing to cooking.
  • Hundreds of missions to be fulfilled.
  • Constant updates to expand the game's contents.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Using Firefox is recommended.
  • Requires the creation of an account or logging in via Facebook or Google Plus.
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