RunMimic is an application identical to Run, the tool for Windows that launches programs and services by means of shortcuts. Download RunMimic for free

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On many computers on which we don't have administrator privileges, we may be deprived of the possibility to install applications or use the Windows "Run" command, accessible from the Start button.

  This tends to happen in companies, public institutions and educational centers, that try to control and limit the use of the computer by its users.

  The restriction isn't so understandable in the case of the "Run" command, a tool by means of which we will be able to launch all sorts of programs and services in a few simple steps.

  RunMimic is a small utility that will perform those same functions of this Windows component, but since it doesn't require installation, it will avoid the administrator's restrictions.

  Thus, we'll manage to achieve a greater productivity and control on the applications. The interface and the RunMimic commands are identical to those of the original tool, in such a way that the usual users of "Run" won't have any problems to adapt.

  A perfect substitute for the Windows "Run" command, capable of being used where we can't use the original one.
Requirements and additional information:
This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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