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Runtasty - Healthy Recipe Book is the app you need to download if you want to have the best nutrition compatible with practicing your favorite sports

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All those addicts to healthy food that are always counting calories, looking at fats, cholesterol, that don't drink beer because it makes them fat, that get up early on a Sunday to practice sport, in other words, all those guys that have become runners have now got a reason to celebrate. Runtastic, the app you always take with you for your workouts, has released its own application about healthy food and recipes.

Runtastic's recipes application

And in an incredible display of wit and creativity, they've given it an extremely original name: Runtasty. Well, it's basically an Android application in APK format that you can download for free and that brings together a collection of healthy recipes so that your nutrition complies with all your physical activity and workouts.

In Runtasty - Healthy Recipe Book you'll find dozens of tasty and healthy recipes. What do we mean by healthy? Well, they're full of good fats, not those ones that block up your arteries, and without any empty calories. Forget about industrial junk, precooked food and using butter in your meals. And they're obviously also delicious as there's no point sitting at the dining table to suffer, is there?

A cookbook full of healthy and easy-to-prepare dishes.

The app offer us different recipes with videos where we can check how each dish is made step by step. In turn, it comes along with a search engine to find all those dishes we want to make according to their name or ingredients.

Furthermore, each meal offers you data such as the following:

  • Type of diet: vegan, vegetarian, normal...
  • Levels of carbohydrates, proteins...
  • Difficulty to make the dish.
  • Time required.
  • Type of meal: breakfast, dinner, lunch, snack...
  • Calories per ration.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 4.4.
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