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3.130.0 Ryanair - Cheapest Fares takes Ryanair's website to your Android to be able to purchase cheap plane tickets, check in online and look up other information
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You have to admit that, although traveling is a great experience, managing the journey not so much. Once you've decided your dates and where you're traveling to, it's time to find a means of transport. Planes are fast but are usually expensive, as well as a nightmare when it comes to checking in, printing the tickets, going through the security controls, arriving early at the airport... Therefore, any facility provided by airlines is more than welcome. Ryanair offers us an access to its official web in an app version, Ryanair - Cheapest Fares, so that flying at low-cost prices can be more comfortable.

With this app, you'll have Europe at your feet.

From this application, you can purchase tickets, find the best offers (even those hard-to-find 2-euro tickets), do your check-in, add extra luggage... and probably the most useful function of all, handle your electronic ticket so you don't have to print a boarding pass at home. Everybody knows that the problem isn't during your outbound trip, but when you're flying back home from abroad and you've got to find somewhere to print because you can only check in a few days before the departure. We all prefer to enjoy our holidays instead of having to search for a printer shop. Electronic tickets may have certain drawbacks but are definitely very comfortable.

Very useful extras, such as being able to check in from wherever you are and a mobile boarding pass sent straight to your phone.

Where does Ryanair fly to?

At present, this low-cost airline has hundreds of routes all over Europe and even some flights to Morocco. You can fly to and from over 185 destinations in more than 33 countries, including the following:

  • Brussels.
  • Madrid.
  • London.
  • Paris.
  • Rome.
  • Milan.
  • Bratislava.
  • Salzburg.
  • Prague.
  • Marseille.
  • Berlin.
  • Frankfurt.
  • Budapest.
  • Dublin.
  • Pisa.
  • Vilnius.
  • Kaunas.
  • Barcelona.
  • Valencia.
  • Warsaw.
  • Lisbon.
  • Alicante.
  • Stockholm.
  • Belfast.
  • Birmingham.
  • Manchester.
  • Bristol.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 5.0.
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