Ryzom Mac

Ryzom outlines a futuristic environment on a faraway planet. Avoid war with the Kitins and have fun on a planet whose flora and fauna are controlled by AI

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Futuristic role-playing games aren't too common... the action of these titles usually takes place in medieval environments full of knights and legendary beings. But that's not the case of Ryzom, a game that takes us two thousand years into the future to planet Atys.

A role-playing game with a strong AI presence

This MMORPG takes us to a place with five different ecosystems ruled by an artificial intelligence system that helps the flora and fauna come to life. As a player, we'll have to choose any of the four races that live on Atys and gain experience through combats, magic, craftwork and/or exploration.

An ever-changing environment that obeys its own rules.

And your mission? Try to prevent the Kitins from endangering the planet due to their warring nature... for which purpose you'll need support and help from the rest of races.

  • Take part in all sorts of combats whenever you want.
  • Collect and extract materials and use them to build weapons and armors.
  • Enjoy an ever-changing environment ruled by artificial intelligence... but be careful, it can end up going against you.
  • Don't choose which character you want to be because you can be them all: wizard, warrior, harvester or craftsman.
  • Customize your character to the max.
  • Great user community.
Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires OS X 10.6 or above.
  • Can be tried out for 21 days.
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