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Avoid distractions. Download Safe Surfer for free to block the access to dangerous websites and avoid pop-ups. Safe Surfer will control your connection

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Safe Surfer is a complete application with which you can browse the Internet with greater security. This program allows the user to make use of configuration options that prevent the access to potentially dangerous pages, as well as having a system to remove pop-up windows.

  Browsing the Internet is always dangerous, no matter when you do it. Due to this, Safe Surfer allows, by inputting terms and keywords, to refuse access to pages that may be considered as dangerous by the user. Its extensive filtering options allow the user to scan the contents of a website before accessing it and blocking it if it meets the definitions.

  Furthermore, it is capable of blocking the appearance of the always bothersome pop-up windows. The program runs in the background while you browse the Internet and is capable of eliminating cookies, URL addresses and temporary files from your computer. You can control contents visible by means of your connection with Safe Surfer.
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