Safety.Net is a firewall with professional features. Download Safety.Net now free now to protect yourself from the dangers that threaten the network

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A few years ago, the majority of users felt safe by using only an antivirus. But nowadays with the constant use of the Internet that protection isn't enough to protect them against the risks that the net includes. One of the essential safety precautions, it to have a firewall installed on the computer.

Free firewall for personal use

By default, the computers with the Windows operating system installed have the firewall provided by Microsoft. But if you want to have an advanced and professional solution you can try Safety.Net.

Safety.Net is a professional solution to protect your computer and the rest of the computers connected to your LAN from the threats from the Internet by using an advanced firewall. From the interface is provides access to an array of configuration options, like for example the use of filters, specifying the bandwidth use, blocking off certain IPs, etc...

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