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Download Sailcut CAD free and you will have a program to design sails for boats. Sailcut CAD is a CAD software application that is perfect for sailors

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Sailcut CAD is a software product that is very appreciated by sailing professionals and enthusiasts, it allows us to design sails for all kinds of boats.

Its history dates back to 1978 when it was developed by Robert Lainé to design sails for his own boat. Since then it has been improved and used by both enthusiasts as well as manufacturers, being used for cruising and racing yachts as well as remote control model boats.

Software to design boat sails

Sailcut CAD can be used to design both mainsails as well as headsails, with both three and four sides. How it works is rather simple, it has nothing to do with the complicated operations of a typical modeling application because it can be used by the majority of sailing enthusiasts.

From a default sail (Jib, Mainsail or Wing) we will create our own models, writing our parameters in the different windows of the program: dimensions, mold and rig. The resulting sail can be exported in different formats, like DFX, SVG, XML, TXT, Carlson Plotter and Hand-plotting.

The results achieved with this application are incredible, and we'll easily be able to see how our nautical knowledge takes form on the screen. So if you're a real sailing enthusiast, don't think twice, download Sailcut CAD.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Over a year ago
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