Saint Seiya: Awakening Android

Saint Seiya: Awakening is an RPG game based on the Saint Seiya TV series. Choose between several different fighters and combine them to build a team

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Saint Seiya was a manga comic that led to an anime that became very successful, especially back in the '90s. Every single episode used to provide us with a collection of fights that had nothing to envy of Dragon Ball, although there were also quite a few corny stories, combined with Greek mythology. Well, Saint Seiya: Awakening is the RPG game based on the series.

The RPG that faithfully recreates the Saint Seiya series

With an identical setting to that of the original story, we'll have to choose between different warriors and have to make them evolve following a strategy as we fight against our enemies, enhancing their personality and skills. It comes along with great graphics that recreate the settings of both the comic and the cartoon series and has been supervised by its creator.

These are the main features of this video game:

  • Explore different scenarios from the series and take part in legendary battles.
  • Choose between hundreds of warriors and build a team. Combine them to make the most of all their skills.
  • Create strategies that shall lead you to victory: a bronze warrior can defeat a gold warrior using the right strategy.
  • Collect cards and use them wisely on the battlefield.
Requirements and additional information:
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Antony Peel
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