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Salaat Time controls the praying time for the Islamic religion. Keep track of the pre-established praying times by downloading Salaat Time to your PC free

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Salaat Time is a tool with which the faithful Islam followers will be able to keep track of at what time they have to pray each day, the name of each of the prayers and the direction that they have to pray in to face Mecca, something that is essential in any Islamic prayer.

Control the Islamic praying times

How the program works is rather simple, because all you will have to do is to indicate what city you are in to the program and it will automatically configure itself. It includes a countdown option to be able to have full knowledge of the time remaining for the next prayer.

The application includes several images of Mecca, the sacred place for the Islam religion, and it also has a simple library that will allow you to play the most popular prayers from the Koran, the sacred book of Islam religion.

The interface is rather simple and appealing, it has just enough menus so as to make sure that it isn't complicated to handle the program and, furthermore, it can be left in the system tray so as to make sure that it isn't a bother at all when it comes to working with other applications.

If you are an Islam follower and you are looking for a program that will allow you to remember the exact moment for each prayer, download Salaat Time as soon as possible.

Salaat Time
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