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Download Sambar Server for free and install a web server on your computer. With Sambar Server you will be able to host all your websites on your computer

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Web servers are machines used to store Internet contents (HTML pages, images, files, ...) and accept HTTP petitions from users to, finally, provide them with access to this contents. By downloading Sambar Server you will convert your PC into a web server.

  If you have an Internet connection and you want to host your web page or other files without having to pay a hosting company, you can transform your PC into a web server. To do this, you will have to use an application like Apache or Sambar Server.

  Sambar Server is a free application that offers us the possibility to administrate a web page server from our computer. To do so it includes powerful administration and configuration tools. But if you want to add extra features like a calendar, contact manager, webmail, photo album creation, task lists, instant messaging,... you will have to turn to the paid version of the application.

  Transform your computer into a web server in only a few minutes, with Sambar Server.
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