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Samsung Voice Recorder is an application to record sounds on an Android smartphone or tablet that also incorporates speech to text functions amongst others

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Samsung is a company known for developing some of the best Android smartphones in the world, such as its Galaxy range. But the Korean multinational enterprise also develops apps, and amongst its most noteworthy developments, we have to point out tools of the likes of Samsung Voice Recorder.

Sound recording app for Android

This recorder allows us to capture nearby sounds to our phone with great quality, clearness, and sharpness. It offers different recording modes depending on our needs:

  • Standard recording mode: it provides us with a simple and intuitive recording interface.
  • Interview recording mode: with this mode, we'll enable the phone's upper and lower microphones so that the voices of the interviewer and interviewed party can be captured with the highest quality.
  • Voice notes: allows us to record our voice and convert it to a text note.

As you've just read, it comes along with a speech to text function by means of which we can turn our voice into text, which is really useful in the case of needing to take quick notes. The app then allows us to share our recordings on different applications such as WhatsApp, Google Drive, Gmail... Furthermore, it also incorporates editing functions so that we can enhance the audio whenever necessary.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Only compatible with Samsung devices.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 6.0.
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