Download Satscape and find out where the celestial bodies and artificial satellites are. With Satscape you'll get to know their pass times and visibility

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If you're into sky-gazing you will surely be interested in artificial satellites as well. Download Satscape and discover their exact location.

Get to know where the artificial satellites are

With Satscape not only will you be able to view celestial bodies such as planets, stars and others, but you will also get to know the location of the objects that mankind has put in orbit. With Satscape you'll be aware of the coordinates of a large amount of these objects and the application will tell you about their pass area and time, and if they will be visible from your position.


  • Coordinates to locate artificial satellites.
  • Location on a map.
  • Pass predictions.
  • 2D and 3D points of view.

Keep any eye on all heavenly objects.

Satscape stands out for its speed and stability, showing on its interface all sorts of useful data to recognise artificial satellites. You'll have a map with 2D and 3D views for a better orientation when it comes to observing these objects.

Download Satscape and observe all the celestial bodies.

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