Satsuki Decoder Pack

Make all your multimedia files compatible thanks to Satsuki Decoder Pack. Download Satsuki Decoder Pack free to have access to all the codecs you may need

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Due to the vast amount of different multimedia file types, it is necessary to have a codec pack that will help our computer to be able to play them without any kind of problem.

Complete codec pack

Satsuki Decoder Pack is a vast pack of different decoders that cover the main multimedia formats, in such a way that we avoid all the problems that may appear when trying to play a film that we have downloaded from the Internet or listen to an album that a friend has given us.

The pack is made up of the Media Player Classic, FFDShow, Realmediasplitter, Quicktime Splitter, VP6dec, VP7dec, AC3Filter, RLMPCdec, RLAPEdec, XCDA Reader and Haali Splitter. Furthermore, it includes a utility from which it is possible to activate and deactivate each of the codecs depending on our specific needs, all we will have to do is access the configuration menu.

If you want a simple codec pack with which you can enjoy any video or audio file, download and install Satsuki Decoder Pack on your PC.

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Antony Peel
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