Sausage Man Android

12.71 Sausage Man is a Battle Royale shooter for Android where the characters are sausages, leading to comical situations but without losing sight of the action
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The thirst for Battle Royale shooter games seems to be unquenchable and we see them in all kinds of formats, from serious as in PUBG, casual like Fortnite or totally off-the-wall like Sausage Man.

A sausage Battle Royale

In this all-against-all shooter featuring characters that are sausages, we can do what we are usually able to do in a FPS of this kind - run, drive, jump... and of course, shoot.

The game allows us to interact with different vehicles and to play solo or in teams. We have access to all kinds of weapons which may remind us of other games with more pedigree, such as PUBG.

Beyond the craziness and fun of the whole idea, this is an FPS with the usual system of controls for these kinds of games: joystick for moving the character in the upper left of the screen as well as access to the inventory and to actions like running, jumping, crouching, interacting with objects and everything related to weapons.

If you are a bit tired of shooters that are a touch too serious, don't hesitate to download the Sausage Man APK now.

Requirements and additional information:
Sean Mitchell
Sean Mitchell
So Funny
6 months ago
1 GB

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