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1.03 Save as WWF saves files in a PDF compatible format that block the possibility to print. Save as WWF Collaborates in this way to protect the environment
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On many occasions we print out documents irrationally for no purpose at all with the corresponding damage to the environment that this can mean. You can save them as PDF files if they are of any interest to use, even though this doesn't prevent the possibility that they are printed out on repeated occasions. This is the reason why the organisation for environmental protection, WWF, has developed Save as WWF, an application capable of blocking the print out of the documents that the user chooses.

Help to protect the planet by saving paper.

Save as WWF converts the text documents into files with the WWF extension. Technically they are nothing else than a set of PDF files that have had the printing option totally blocked encouraging the rational use of paper by the users, thus forcing the user to think twice when it comes to clicking the print button.

Integrated into the printing menu

Save as WWF installs the function of the same name in the printing menu once it has been installed. The WWF documents generated are compatible with practically all the programmes capable of reading PDF. There is no limit to the amount of pages that can be saved with this extension and the documents can be sent by email and shared as any other file.

Download Save as WWF and contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem and at the same save money by avoiding the use of this expensive resource.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
  • It is necessary to have a programme capable of reading PDF files to read documents in this format.
  • The tool is preset to the system's language.
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