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Save Tube Video is a tool that allows you to easily and quickly download videos from YouTube. Download Save Tube Videos free and save your favorite videos

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It's highly improbable that you will be able to find a simpler way than Save Tube Video to download videos from YouTube. This program is installed as a toolbar on the Firefox or Internet Explorer browser, and as well as allowing us to search over the Internet with Google, it will show us a button that, if we're watching a video from YouTube, will allow us to download it.

  If we're watching a YouTube video and we click on Save Video, Save Tube Video will ask us for a file name for the resulting file (that will be stored as an FLV file) and a place to save it, after which, the video will be downloaded.

  We'll be able to find out about the download progress by clicking on Show Status, where we will see the downloaded videos, their progress and we will be offered the possibility to open the folder, the video or simply delete the file.

  The program is really simple, and it performs its task without any problems. Furthermore, the toolbar that integrates with Google is a great idea, even though we'll have to pay attention as it will change our Home Page once installed.
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