SAVIHost is a tool that allows you to make VSTs usable as a standalone. Enjoy your favorite instruments thanks to SAVIHost, download it for free right now

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This useful tool allows you to use VST virtual instruments on their own, without having to have a sequencer to do so. Sometimes it is possible to use virtual instruments in standalone mode, but thanks to SAVIHost you will be able to use all of them even if they haven't been developed for that purpose.

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With SAVIHost it will just take you a few seconds to be able to enjoy those applications on their own. The only thing that you will have to do is launch the application and locate the folder in which you have placed the corresponding DLL file. You will immediately be able to enjoy new sounds.

Furthermore, SAVIHost will allow you to quickly access the instrument presets, configure your audio input and output, as well as your MIDI control devices, change the BPM speed or customize the keyboard to your own liking.

Forget about complex sequencer hosts to be able to play your favorite virtual instruments. With SAVIHost you will be able to play them all independently. You can download SAVIHost for free and try out how it works. You will be amazed.

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Antony Peel
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