SB Game Hacker and Lulubox are two applications with exactly the same purpose: to hack games. The thing is that they work differently and SB Game Hacker is a bit more complicated to use. It has to be running at the same time as the game we want to hack and to be able to modify any parameter we have to search for the values manually. In other words, if we wanted to modify our coin count we would have to search for that precise value and replace it with the new amount we want to have. On the other hand, Lulubox is much easier to use: we only have to search for the game we want to patch and simply install it by choosing the attributes we want to modify.

This is one of Lulubox’s greatest advantages over SB Game Hacker, its simplicity: we only have to search for the patch and install it, without driving ourselves crazy search for attribute values to be modified.

However, Lulubox also has a con regarding SB Game Hacker: in the case of Lulubox’s patches we’re limited to modifying those aspects that are indicated in each patch, whilst SB Game Hacker offers us much more freedom when it comes to modifying any value because we can change anyone we’re capable of finding.

In any case, we shouldn’t forget that both applications are mainly used to modify aspects that are usually only accessible by means of in-app purchases. In other words, we’re bypassing those purchases that developers live on, which should at least cause as a moral dilemma.