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SBSAnimoji is a version of the Animoji application for iPhone X thanks to iOS 11 and the facial recognition TrueDepth present on its front-facing camera

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If you still don't know what Animoji is all about, that's because you live in a cave or because you don't care at all about the iPhone X. In any case, we'll tell you that it's one of the new native functions of Apple's snazzy smartphone. It's basically a facial recognition function capable of turning your face into any of the 12 emojis available, detecting your face's expressiveness.

Bu the best thing about this function is that you can record videos of up to 10 seconds long and share them via iMessage or convert them to a video format appropriate for the social network of your choice: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...

The thing is that this app feeds on the TrueDepth technology present on the front camera of the new phone and therefore can't be downloaded for models prior to the iPhone X, such as the iPhone 7, and neither will you find it on the iTunes App Store. That's why some developers are trying to carry out modifications to this application so that all iPhone users can download the app and even improve some of its features.

An Animoji version that's better than the original

One of the best examples is this SBSAnimoji, a development that will probably never reach Apple's official store because it has used APIs that aren't public and, therefore, you'll have to jailbreak your phone to be able to use it. However, considered by some technology pundits as the standalone Animoji that Apple should have developed, it comes along with the following features:

  • Record videos up to 60 seconds long.
  • Share videos with the native mode to share contents.
  • Export your videos to the multimedia library.

No, there's no way you can download Animoji for iPhone 7 because it requires the technology of the newest model.

However, it's a development carried out by an individual user so don't expect to find the stability present in the original Apple app: if there's an error simply reboot the application. Neither should you try to share the code on the store because, as we said, it uses private APIs.

By the way, just in case you were wondering about which emoticons are available in Animoji and this unofficial version, it comes along with a monkey, a robot, a cat, a dog, an alien, a fox, a pig, a panda, a rabbit, a hen, a unicorn, and a poop.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires a jailbreak.
  • Minimum operating system requirements: iOS 11.0.
  • Compatible with: iPhone X
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