Scanner is a small application that allows you to find out the distribution of a hard drive. Scanner helps you to know where you have all your information

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Nowadays, when it is so common to have multiple storage devices that can be both internal as well as external, it is a good idea to have access to a tool that allows you to find out how the information is distributed on these units as is the case of Scanner.

Sunburst charts

When you launch Scanner, it will automatically analyse the computer's main hard drive and it will show the data as a sunburst chart, so that the user will be able to graphically see where the majority of the information is concentrated.

To make things easier, Scanner divides the distribution of the different folders by colors, in such a way that with a simple glance it will be easy to clearly see how the data is distributed. Furthermore, by simply passing the mouse over an area of the chart, the program will show the exact name of the folder.

Any storage unit

Scanner detects all the storage units that are connected to the computer, including internal and external hard drives, USB pendrives, memory cards and optical discs, and in just a few seconds it can show the distribution of the information on any of them.

As an additional feature, Scanner includes a shortcut to the system program manager, to allow the user to quickly uninstall any application that isn't necessary.

Download Scanner for free to know at all times how your computer's information is distributed.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download requires a ZIP compatible compressor.
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