ScanRn is the perfect complement for your scanner. Scan documents thanks to this tool that accepts remote control. Download ScanRn free on your PC

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Scanners are elements that some people have almost forgotten about, but that on many occasions they can get us out of a tight spot or can come in very handy. Nevertheless, the majority of programs in charge of managing scanners are no good, but ScanRn is an exception.

  With a very simple interface and great functionality, ScanRn is a program that scans any document that we have in the scanner and what's more, allows us to control it remotely. The software includes a small server for the ScanRn client to connect by means of a local network to use a scanner connected to a computer from another. Without strange configurations.

  Once the document is scanned, ScanRn allows us to rotate it, save it or send it to the clipboard without any problems, as well as including a button that scans and prints the document directly, accomplishing that by only installing this software we have something similar to a home photocopier.

  All in all, a very well designed software that is very small and offers great possibilities.
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