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Scream Go is game for Android that slightly reminds us of the legendary Flappy Bird but in which you'll have to move the main character with your voice

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Imagine playing Flappy Bird by shouting at your phone to make him fly in the air and overcome different obstacles. Well, that's more or less what you've got to do in Scream Go, a platformer game with retro graphics the peculiarity of which is that it's controlled by your voice.

A microphone and a lot less than 8 bits

Let's start off with the graphics. Once you download the APK of the game, you'll soon realize that it has nothing to do with all those 8-bit video consoles that you adore so much. The graphics are even worse, reminding us of computers of the likes of Spectrum.

You won't dare to play this game in public, specially not in a library or hospital.

Regarding the game mode, we're obviously talking about a casual game in which we have to explore two different scenarios:

  • The jumping game: here you'll move around blocks and platforms that you'll only overcome if you shout at your friend really loud. If you speak in a low tone, he'll walk slowly but if you really give him a good shout, he'll jump as high as possible allowing you to overcome the obstacles.
  • The swimming game: despite taking place underwater, it's similar to Flappy Bird as you'll have to swim through the gaps left between two blocks. And obviously shouting instead of tapping the screen.

Although the gameplay is quite ridiculous, it has everything it needs to become the next big hit among those youngsters that spend the whole day sitting on a bench in the park. It also has a version for iPhone known as Scream Go: Jumping & Swimming.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Minimum operating system requirements: Android 2.3.
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