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Pro Screen Recording is a perfect tool to be able to create tutorials because it allows you to record your computer's screen. Download Screen Recording now
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When it comes to creating a video tutorial or showing someone the steps to follow to manage to complete any action with a computer it always comes in handy to have an application like Screen Recording.

Total customization

The options offered by Screen Recording Suite to record the computer's screen are multiple, but what it stands out for most is that it allows you to totally customize the captures, because it allows you to capture:

  • Full Screen
  • Specific area
  • Around the mouse
  • A window
  • The feed from a webcam

You can even take individual screen captures (full screen, area or window).

Once the screen capture has been taken, Screen Recording allows you to convert the video format to the most useful format for the users (AVI, MKV, MP4, WMF, SWF,...), to make the most of it.

Therefore, if you want to have access to a tool that allows you to record the screen of your computer on video and then convert the resulting video to the format of your choice, you only have to download Screen Recording.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations. It includes a watermark in the videos, and will record/convert a maximum of three minutes of each video.
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