Downloading Screengrab will allow you to save the appearance of a website for posterity. Capture a full website or part of it with Screengrab for Firefox

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The dynamic nature of the web could make us be interested in capturing an image because we want to keep its appearance at a certain moment in time. Screengrab for Firefox offers us interesting options when it comes to making web captures.

Conserve the appearance of a website or part of it forever

Screengrab is a Firefox add-on that allows you to capture websites. It offers several options, including the possibility to only capture a selection, the entire website or only what can be seen in the browser's window. You can save these shots or keep them on the clipboard, also having the possibility to share them by means of links.

Keep the aspect of a website for posterity.


  • Capture entire pages, portions visible within the browser's window or selections.
  • Save the captures on your hard drive or keep them on the clipboard.
  • Generate web links to share the captures that expire after thirty days.
  • Two different image formats available for the captures: JPG and PNG.

This add-on, the shortcut to which will be located on the browser's toolbar, is very useful to use Google Maps, for instance, therefore, don't think twice and download Screengrab free for Firefox.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Some of its functions require that you have Java installed.
  • Requires Firefox.
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