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Design three dimensional models with Sculptris. This design tool is perfect for users with experience in the 3D design world. Download Sculptris for free

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The vast majority of tools to design in 3 dimensions are very complex and it is necessary to have advanced knowledge to be able to use them. Sculptris is an exception because it is an application that is much easier to use than others in the same category. This brilliant program allows us to sculpt the models virtually, being a method that is much more intuitive to be able to design any kind of object.

Simple and intuitive application to develop 3D figures

Once we have modeled the figure that we want, we will be able to paint or apply a texture to each of the areas that are part of it, change the kind of material it is made of or resize and fix any detail of our project.

The program's interface is very practical, leaving all the painting and composition tools to one of the sides, the object properties at the top of the window and the model that we are working on in the center.

Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Tomas Petterson
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