1.0.6 Make anonymous and encrypted search queries on the Internet thanks to the Google Chome extension called SearchLock, a great tool to protect your privacy
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With the Google Chrome extension called SearchLock you can make encrypted, totally private and anonymous searches, preventing important search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo! from tracking your steps and associating your private information with your Internet queries.

How does SearchLock work?

You just have to install the plug-in and each time you make a search that could be tracked, SearchLock detects it and redirects you to a safe and anonymous results page where you can protect your privacy.

Not only does it protect you from Google, but also from your ISP.

Furthermore, it avoids that the dominant search engines can register your keystrokes that they use to offer you search suggestions, and it doesn't allow your online accounts to be associated to your search history.

We also have to point out that any search made will incorporate SSL encryption, really hard to decrypt, with which you can guarantee that your activity is going to be totally secret.

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