Second Life

Download Second Life and take part in a new virtual world creating your own character. In Second Life you will be able to interact with millions of players

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Virtual reality games have become popular over the last few years, and all of this is mainly due to the appearance of Second Life. This title offers you the possibility to create a character or avatar that will represent you in a parallel virtual reality, where you will be able to live another life.

Once you download Second Life for free you'll discover an innovating virtual reality game that will integrate the community, social networks and communication concepts. In essence, you will have to create your own virtual character and mingle with the other users of this parallel reality.

Features of Second Life

  • 3D virtual reality that can be modified due to the fact that it is open source.
  • Unique scenarios, some based on real cities like Dublin or Tokyo. Explore the scenarios with total freedom traveling around on all kinds of transports.
  • Interact with people from all over the world and go to all kinds of social events, like concerts or shows, museums or theaters. You have a calendar to make sure you don't miss anything.
  • Take part in the parallel economy of Second Life with Linden dollars.
  • Generate your own code and create virtual commerce of any kind.
  • Create your own character or avatar choosing up to the slightest detail or feature.
  • Discover how to control your character on the welcome island.

Your other you

Starting to play Second Life is totally free, but if you are interested in acquiring terrain or making the most of the services and objects of this world you will have to create a paid account, a collaboration system to support the developers and their project. In any case, many things in Second Life are free, thus your entertainment, without any money involved is assured.

Once you download Second Life you will be able to enjoy the virtual reality game that has had the most success. Millions of people have already created their own character. What are you waiting for? Create your avatar and become part of virtual reality in Second Life. You can download Second Life for free and take part in the greatest virtual community in the world.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This application requires that we register free of charge to start playing. This can be done from the game's start screen.
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