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Secunia PSI will let you know about all the programs on your PC that need to be updated. Download Secunia PSI, a tool that will make it easier to update

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Secunia PSI is a useful tool that will provide you with help to maintain all your programs updated and thus avoid any vulnerability on your system. The applications that aren't updated may leave loopholes open to possible attackers to be able to access you system. That is why it is very convenient to have all the applications updated with the latest security patches.

  This application carries out a system analysis and offers you information about the update status of all the applications that you have installed. Secunia Personal Software Inspector will indicate the programs that are outdated and that can suppose a vulnerability to your computer. Secunia PSI doesn't take care of updating the applications, it only provides direct links to the third party websites so that you can update to the latest version.

  Secunia PSI has two modes: simple and advanced. In the simple mode, Secunia PSI will allow you to start the analysis and it will offer the list with the programs to be updated and their links. In the advanced mode you will have other useful tools: it will indicate the insecure programs and their possible solutions, a list with all the programs updated as well as the possibility to configure the application.

  Try out Secunia PSI and maintain your computer totally updated to avoid security risks.
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Note: This application is free for personal use only.
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