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Security Screensaver is a tool that activates Microsoft Security Essentials when the PC is inactive. Download Security Screensaver for free on your PC

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Security Screensaver is a completely functional application that takes care of updating the Microsoft Security Essentials security software. This can come in very handy for those people that don't know very well how the antivirus by Microsoft works but want to make sure that they always have it updated. Thus, when your PC is inactive, this screensaver will update it automatically.

Run your antivirus when you're not on your PC

The truth is that the animation of Security Screensaver is almost void, little more than the castle used as a logo for Microsoft Security Essentials moving around the screen as a still image. This software hardly has any configuration options.

On the other hand, Security Screensaver will launch a terminal in the background in which it will be possible to see how the update of the antivirus and protection software by Microsoft it working, at the same time that it launches a full hard drive scan.

The good thing about Security Screensaver is that you will always have the latest version of the Microsoft Security Essentials virus database by simply not using your computer for a short period of time, thus when you browse or work with any software you will be able to be sure that the antivirus is completely updated and looking after your software.

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