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Discover the secrets of the cursed village of Darkwood in Seekers Notes, a fantastic game in which we will have to try to find all the hidden objects

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A curse hangs over the village of Darkwood. Behind every corner lurks a secret and only the chosen one can unravel it thanks to his magic map. Obviously, the chosen one will be us, the only ones who can save the village from the yoke of the terrible curse.

Your destiny is to save the village from the oppression of the curse.

Improve your visual acuity while you play

The study Mytona gives us again a fantastic game of visual acuity in which we will have to find hidden objects. In fact, the proposal is very similar to another of its titles, Ravenhill, and both follow the trail marked by the fantastic Disney Hidden Worlds.

Downloading the APK file from Seekers Notes takes us to a town shrouded in mystery. To help its inhabitants we will have to face hundreds of levels in which we will have to find the objects hidden in the landscape. The faster we are, the more points we get. Besides, even if we play several times the same level, the objects will be changing places, so all the games will be different.

An incredible plot with hallucinating stories full of unexpected turns.

On the other hand, in some levels we will also have to solve match-3 puzzles. As we get through the challenges, we will get to know some of the inhabitants of Darkwood, collecting objects and getting magic talismans. We can also join a guild.

As far as the technical section is concerned, the graphics are exquisite, presenting some scenarios drawn with great care and in great detail. Also very cool is the soundtrack, which immerses us in a relaxing and fun experience while we improve our visual perception.

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Shay O’Toole
Shay O’Toole
3 months ago
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