Selingua is formed by various games that are focused on learning English, German, French, Swedish and Spanish. Download Selingua to your PC for free

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Selingua is a language studying application. When it comes to studying a new language it is important, as well as having a good teacher, to have tools that will make it easier to study. This application is a collection of seven games that will make it easier for any student of English, German, French, Swedish or Spanish as a foreign language to study.

The program, that has a very simple interface, will allow you to choose between various activities, that developed to be able to improve various aspects of the learning of the language, like the conjugation of the irregular verbs, the vocabulary or sentence forming.

A little help to learn languages

Among the game that are available, you will find “hangman”, another that is based on relating words with its corresponding translations, a crossword and another in which you will have to guess the appropriate word from within various options.

One of the strong points of this collection of games is that everything is very simple so that it is very easy for children, as well as for adults.

If you are studying any language and you want some extra help, that also turns out to be very entertaining, don't wait any longer and download Selingua.

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