Send2 is designed to allow the massive sending of mail from Microsoft Outlook. Use Outlook for your publicity campaign once you download Send2 for Outlook

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When it comes to working with Microsoft Outlook there is the small problem that it isn't at all easy to resend contents to multiple email contacts or to send a common answere about a subject, something which can be solved once you download Send2, a small plug-in which is very useful.

Speed up how you work with electronic mail

The main idea behind Send2 for Outlook is to allow the use to quickly access the possibility to resend a mail to multiple addresses or simply access a distribution list where all the users will receive a mail.

Choose between individual or collective mail.

One of the most interesting options about the Send2 distribution lists is the possibility to choose if the users will receive the mail collectively or if on the contrary they will receive it individually.

The management of Send2 distribution lists is extremely simple and in a few clicks of the mouse it will be possible to add and eliminate members from a list.

Download Send2 to speed up procedures when it comes to working with electronic mail.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The trial version has certain limitations, among which you will find that it expires after 14 days and that it can only be used a maximum of 20 times.
  • This download requires that Microsoft Outlook is installed.
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