Sensible Soccer


Sensible Soccer is a traditional football game that you can now enjoy with a clear refurbishing. Download Sensible Soccer and score as many goals as you can

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Sensible Soccer is surely a very well remembered name by hardcore football gamers, because it became the most important title at the beginning of the 90's thanks to the playability that it offered, to such an extent that a new version of the original was relaunched in 1998.

Rediscover a classic football game

Now, Codemasters, the developers of the first game have decided to give it a thorough redesign by offering us a version that, despite maintaining the essence of the original, has graphics that are a lot better designed and that include certain extras.

The playability of this title has little in common with other mainstream titles like Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA, because they are much more complex and require a learning process before it is possible to completely enjoy them. Sensible Soccer offers us the opportunity to control all our team with the cursor keys and a couple of buttons.

It has several game modes (friendly, league, cup, vs.,...), a great selection of both national and international teams, and an editor, thanks to which we will be able to customize the name of each of the players.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo allows you to play a friendly match between Spain and Argentina.
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
Over a year ago
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